(60) $250,000 Bigger Money BINGO



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Win a pack of (60) $250,000 Bigger Money BINGO

Only 35 tickets will be sold for this raffle, so get them before they are gone. Only $20.00!

No numbered raffle tickets will be distributed, order number will be available on email confirmation sent after purchase. Once the available tickets are sold, names will be placed into a container, shuffled & a winner will be drawn on Facebook Live.

Raffle Rules

  • You must be 18 years old to play
  • All Pennsylvania State & Federal Laws apply
  • Unclaimed prizes are forfeited if not claimed within 30 days of raffle drawing.

Note: If you do not receive an email with your purchase confirmation, please check your spam folder. If you do not find anything in your spam, contact us here or message our Facebook page so we can investigate further.

Bigger Money Bingo is a $5 game that offers 10 top prizes of $250,000. Scratch the CALLER’S CARD area. Then scratch only the numbers on BINGO CARDS 1-9 that match those revealed in the CALLER’S CARD area. The center spot on each BINGO CARD is a FREE space. When each matched number on a BINGO CARD is scratched, the square will turn white. When all the numbers are completely matched in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, 4 corners, diamond or an X pattern on any individual BINGO CARD, win prize shown for the matched pattern in the appropriate legend next to that CARD.

BIGGER MONEY MATCH: Each BINGO CARD contains a 3 x 3 black-outlined square in the center of the CARD. The center spot on each BINGO CARD is a FREE space. When you completely match all eight numbers within the black-outlined square, using the numbers found in the CALLER’S CARD area, win corresponding prize shown in: CARD 1 – WIN $10; CARD 2 – WIN $20; CARD 3 – WIN $30; CARD 4 – WIN $50; CARD 5 – WIN $100 ; CARD 6 – WIN $200; CARD 7 – WIN $500; CARD 8 – WIN $1,000; CARD 9 – WIN $5,000.